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Skull Day

Today is my dad's big reunion with his piece of skull that was removed July 14th.  So, dad, here's to a shaved head (which I know is your favorite hairstyle *ahem*) and a happy brain.

We are very excited for this surgery to take place.  Several Dr.'s have encouraged us all to look for some marked  improvement in my dad's stroke recovery once this cranioplasty is performed.  However, brain surgery is brain surgery.  And, although the procedure to replace the skull is no where near as risky as the surgery to remove it was, it's still a major operation.  Please pray with us today for Wisdom, discernment, peace, confidence in God's sovereignty, and reminders of His Glory no matter the outcome.

and, just to make you smile, my boys have been diligent to pray for my dad since he 'broke' in July.
One particular night, Titus forgot to pray specifically for this skull procedure, so Mark asked Ezra to do it....Ezra prayed and he to forgot to pray for the surgery....so Mark asked Simeon to pray for the surgery, to which Simeon cheerfully replied, 'yes'.
      Simeon:  dear Jesus, jabber, jabber , jabber, grandy, jabber, jabber
      Titus: (in a loud whisper across the room that I think only Simeon was supposed to hear) DON'T  
       Simeon: ok, jabber, jabber, jabber, cranPLASTIC, jabber jabber, AMEN

We love you Grandy. 
 We are thankful for the Spirit's display of grace 
and faithfulness in your life over these last 5 months!

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Rob H said...

Thinking of you and praying today!


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