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the cutest eye sores

I'm not sure if I snapped these pictures because I couldn't believe how painful it was to look at these outfits....or if I snapped this picture because of how painful it was for my eyes to try and process this much energy as well as fashion FOULS BEFORE 7:00am.

  yes, my boys take to heart "...early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise".  But this particular morning....they had layered up with the winter duds that were packed away in the closet so that they could go outside and play in the RAIN.  yes, you read that correctly, RAIN.  which being interpreted in mommy lingo actually reads LAYERS of WET BULKY WINTER CLOTHES piled in the floor after their 4 minute adventure in the rain MAKES FOR AN EXTRA LARGE LOAD OF LAUNDRY before 7:00am:)  let alone the standard 2 loads I do a day. *giggle*  I honestly couldn't keep up that morning with what greeted me and it was one of those moments I had to laugh or I would have probably closed my eyes and crawled into hiding realizing I was already behind and scrambling to catch up/keep up with them and it wasn't even 7:00am.......I remember watching them play for those few minutes and trying to suck down my coffee lifeline preparing for all the adventures (and cleanups) the day had for me.
And to think....I used to feel that anything before 10:00am was early!  

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kellyH said...

I can barely keep up with the energy of one little mister....God must give you loads of grace to do it with 4. :) boys are certainly funny creatures who give us too many "what were they thinking" moments to count!

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