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two times 3

yes, folks, I now have entered for the 3rd time into the wonderful twoddler years *smile*.
potty training success!
Still working on some 'issues', but Miralax seems to be helping *smile*

Big boy who wants spikes like his brothers
This sweet boy is quite the ham!  and also quite the little athlete.  He is quite perceptive and is constantly surprising us and everyone around him with his humor and verbal skills.  Along with that perceptive quality comes an amazing stubborn streak!  He climbs anything except the bare walls and runs and jumps better than most 4 year olds.  I really should take a picture of this little guys impressive calves....they are proof that he is a mover-and also a good indicator of why this poor mommy feels like an old woman most evenings!  honestly, staring at a blank wall in complete silence for a few minutes at night before collapsing into bed at 8:30pm is my favorite 'post-kids in bed' routine! But, what better to expend my energy on each and every day!

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juliechall said...

I know how tired I feel at the end of the day with only two girls...I can only imagine :) I loved hearing about Mark's job and God's provision!


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