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update on dad

I know many of you keep updated on my dad via caring bridge, so I won't take time to update all the medical details, but rather update with some pictures of Grandy and all his new toys:)
meeting Levi for the first time...Levi was 2 weeks old.  have I mentioned he is a big baby??? *smile*
Simeon's favorite spot...as soon as he saw my dad sitting in his wheelchair at home...he started trying to climb up.  He loves to sit here and ride around
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Ezra enjoys pushing the chair and is not one bit phased by any of the changes to Grandy.  He is  a Grandy's boy!!!!
some special visitors singing to my dad...but do you notice Ezra???  he investigates everything by touching, pushing buttons, opening, licking, tapping.....and yes, often breaking things.  He loves getting under Grandy's special bed and "fixing" it.  we have found him under there with tools on more than one occasion.  cute, yes, but you can easily see how all these new toys add to my level of stress!!!  These are a lot more expensive to replace than most things the boys explore.  We have had several talks about these "toys"....but as a mother of 4 boys, I am learning that you can only control so much.

This last weekend we went and visited to celebrate the boys' birthdays.  My dad is getting so much stronger!!

My dad's Cranioplasty is scheduled for December 5th, 2011.  We are praying that this reunion with his skull goes smoothly and that there is marked improvement in his strength as a result.  Please pray with us!!

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Jessica Gardner said...

I know this post is about your father - but I just want you to know how encouraged I was to read about your boys. My boys are the same. Experience everything through touch and feel and whatever else. and Carson (oldest) just has so much energy -more than a lot of kids. I struggle when I can see others thinking he is hyperactive or not well mannered b/c he doesn't just sit there like that sweet girl and I'm constantly chasing him around making sure he doesn't break anything. I just want to tell everyone - he's not being "bad" he's just different than other kids in a lot of ways. It comforts me when I hear other mother's deal with the same thing. He is a sinner and very sinful sometimes - but not a terrible kid. :) Thanks for putting that in here! Sometimes I wish everyone would understand that about some boys- and I know now to be a lot less harsh/judgemental of other children's behaviors! :)

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