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every Wednesday and Friday our local McDonald's has $1.99 happy meals.
The boys got some McDonalds gift cards in the mail from Mimi and Grandy...so, I instinctively took them for a bargain meal and explained that because we got the sale price...we could do this special date 2 times.   *smile*
Just what they need, right?  Hey, come on....it's a balanced meal as long as you get chocolate milk, agreed??
Well, this is a special McDonalds for my boys, because this is the last place where their Grandy took them before he "broke".  Monday night, July11, 2011 the boys and their mimi and grandy came here to get ice cream cones and they had a wonderful time eating them outside and discovering all sorts of secret passage ways  their fun came to an abrupt end when they notice a homeless man standing nearby.  To this day, they talk about those adventures from that night....and always end the descriptive story with how they had to leave because that scary man scared them away.  Who knew that just about 12 hours later we would be on our way to be with my dad in the ER??
They look forward to going again with Grandy to this McDonalds...so, dad, keep working hard and getting stronger!

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