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just a quick update on our new stage of life!
So many blessings yet, my time limits my ability to share them. We have enjoyed these last 4 months more than our little family could have ever imagined!

*We have been able to officially join the covenant membership here at Trinity Church. ~smile~... Redemption Church in Chesapeake, Va greatly prepared us for this level of accountability:) (just a plug that we LOVE you all at RC and will forever be thankful for the time God granted us to experience covenant together with you all! we miss you:)

*Mark has been able to begin a Pastoral Development Position which has truly been such a blessing to both of our hearts. My heart overflows with thankfulness at how God has placed such a desire and urgency in Mark's heart that was not there 5 years ago. May the Spirit continue to confirm and deepen this burden upon Mark's heart and life! He has been given opportunity to study and teach which has thrilled my heart.
not the best quality....it's a picture of a picture, but it will have to work for now:)

*We have been able to get plugged into small groups and learn what it means to be part of this aspect of the community here. Apart from Corporate Worship it is the highlight of my/our week!

*The Lord has seen fit to allow me to enter back into musical ministry as well. What an honor to come alongside the band here each week. My heart has been so blessed as I walk by faith in this new ministry....and Levi seems to enjoy it as well!

*Our boys are in HEAVEN with all the other boys to play with and my heart is greatly encouraged to see so many young men surrounding them with friendship and love. They are truly learning what it means to be part of the Body, even though they can't quite grasp all that this means.
titus (on the right) with his buddy CJ
erh. I meant wolverine man and his buddy the transformer
...and yes I have learned that boys LOVE playing dress up

*The employment issue has been tricky. I find myself ready to panic one moment and then completely convicted and encouraged the next. So many leads....but no real bites:) After 2 months, Mark decided to begin Brumbaugh Lawncare again. I say Mark decided....because my scared little self just wanted him to find a job with benefits and solid income. It took me several weeks (okay.....maybe I'm still not there yet) to come to grips that this is what our option was. UGHHH back to business--BLAHHHHHHH. However, God has allowed Mark to meet several new people in the community, provided a decent truck we could buy, provided a mower...and some equipment, and has brought 6 accounts to us. We are continuing to pray for more wisdom and accounts if God would have us continue this endeavor. Mark was also able to get into the school system here as a substitute. He enjoyed his first few experiences and said he basically felt like he was dealing with big toddlers. It's also the most he has ever been paid to sit and read books! (in the midst of keeping the peace:) Lordwilling, he will be able to substitute again this next school year.
the "new" truck. It's BIG, loud, and absolutely a blast to drive!

*So much more to update....but my time is gone:) One of the fun sides of living in Delaware has been learning about the Amish community. I've always been intrigued and a bit awed.....but it's been so fun to actually learn about and observe them! My boys are enamored with the buggies and horses in the parking lot at Sam's......and I'm always enamored with what the Amish shopping carts are filled with! usually, JUNK FOOD and..........disposable diapers! hahaha I felt so vindicated when I saw these women buying disposable diapers.

beautiful amish farms sprinkled all around.
This one is less than 1 mile from our house....
and yes, I do drive out of my way to go past Amish farms!!


Stamped Here by Him said...

Thanks so much for the update. I'm reading while feeding Ian before church. One bad thing about the iPad is you can't give a huge response quickly. I loved hearing about your life- the joys and struggles. We will continue to pray for all these different aspects. Love each of you.

Andy said...

what the heck?! the amish deserted the hippies in the quest to save the world one cloth diaper at a time?? *shaking my head* =) glad you guys are having so much fun in delaware and that work has come along for mark. when is baby due?

Rob H said...

Love the update! Miss you guys...

AnneB said...

Andy- go for the cloth! I figure, whatever you start with you adjust too...so start with cloth and you'll probably never mind it! GO for it, you mermaid hipster! love and miss you

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