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18 month milestone

it's official...he's 1 and a half. How does time go by so quickly...and how does it get faster and faster with each kiddo? Simeon is entering one of my favorite stages of development and I am filled with so much joy and thankfulness. What a kind gift children are from a truly magnificent Creator.

Simeon is such a little bundle of energy. we never imagined that our 9 pound newborn would end up being our smallest toddler! But...my oh my...what he lacks in stature he makes up for in speed! This little boy can run and loves to giggle all the way. He smiles and keeps up with the big kids as though he was one of them. I truly believe he is insulted when I pull him out of the mix for his own safety! His newest favorite is towel flipping with his brothers...and what a crazy towel flipping strategy this kiddo effectively displays! I feel as though I am getting glimpses into my future with 4 teenage sons running around my house wrestling and creating enjoyable chaos for themselves!

He is almost past the temper tantrum stage...but I believe he will always be my most short-tempered. Not sure why I think that...but it is surely shaping up to be an area of sinful weakness that I pray the Spirit uses to draw him to Himself!
This is what Simeon chooses to wear when his brothers put on their sunglasses
...He truly must think these worker man glasses are the ultimate!

I'm still adjusting to being all by myself on Sunday morning now that Mark leaves early.
Easter morning I was greeted with Simeon's idea of a hearty breakfast:)
there were cheerios all over the floor...but he was one happy little man!

he loves to climb....this is what I found him doing while
I had my back turned doing the dishes after lunch one day.

Someone noticed the pile of dishes that was mounting in the sink.
He managed to pull this crate in from another room...climb on top
...and start moving dishes from one side of the sink to the other
...chattering to himself the whole time. Mommy's little helper/destroyer:)

my little "ball" boy.
Anyone who has spent any length of time around
this kid can attest to his OCD fascination with any type of ball.

Today marks day 1 of potty-training my 3rd little guy. Here's to new tactics for a new kid with a new learning style and patience patience patience! I am assuming he will take potty training to a whole new level as each individual kid does...but I am assured that Christ will convict me of sin and show me my need for Him in this area of parenting.

I simply must confess my thankfulness and humble adoration that God would steward such a treasure to us as He has in giving us Simeon D Brumbaugh. Each one of our boys is so precious and with each child...God has shown me my feeble ability to effectively parent; however, He has always extended such grace and mercy as He draws my heart and the hearts of my children to Himself each day. What a wonderful Savior and Sustainer...and the ultimate Abba!

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Beth said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog and reading every word of this little Simeon update. LOVED it! :) thanks for taking the time.

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