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For all you fellow mommies out there. Just wanted to share this information that I have recently learned.
Several weeks ago, Simeon came to me whimpering and holding his right wrist. I was doing dishes and he had been playing in the living room with his brothers....my back was turned, but I could hear and observe what was going on. I decided I would just let him work it out for a few minutes and see if any swelling or bruising began.
No swelling
No redness
Still whimpering anytime he tried to move it or I touched it.
He did stop using it after a few minutes. I took him in to lay with his daddy (who was in bed with a nasty migraine) and in a few minutes he had fallen asleep...perfect time to try and probe a little further as to what he had done/where the injury was. Couldn't decide if it was his elbow, shoulder, or wrist, but he was grimacing and whimpering in his sleep every time I moved his arm.
After 3 hours, still no swelling or bruising, so I sent T and E to a friends house and carted Simeon to the Urgent Care for further advice. he was a trooper....and I took this video to send to my sister while Sim and I waited. (we only had to wait about an hour)

Once they called us back, it took about 35 seconds for them to diagnose and treat this little fella. a few unpleasant seconds while they examined and popped it back in place...and then a few minutes to try and coax him to reach out and grab for something. Once he reached out and realized it didn't hurt...he was a new man:) Happy, healthy, and back to climbing in no time. however, Nurse Maids elbow is likely to happen to him again (and possible again and again) for several more years (age 4-5).
there's lots of info on the internet/you tube about Nurse Maids Elbow....so check it out if you have time. I had never heard anything about it and will now add it to my list of OTJ training in motherhood!
I guess it's kinda common in kiddos who have older siblings...or who have rough playmates. Again, Symptoms are typically:
*you have no idea what happened-your little one just stopped using his arm
*It is painful to touch and movement
*there are no signs of bruising/swelling.
Hope it helps:)


Caleb and Carmen said...

this happened to gioia a little over a year ago. it hasnt happened to her since, thankfully, but if it happens to s again, skype us and we will show you how to do it. the orthopedic surgeon we saw the next day showed us how and told us not to go to the dr for it again. if it happens again i will keep my co pay thank you very much patient first! :)glad he is okay. it is so scary when it happens!

MarkandAnneB said...

yep. will do! I have already practiced with him a few times, but I'm afraid when he is screaming in my face...I may not be so brave:)

AndiMayhem said...

That happened to my 3 yr old last month while rough-housing with his father. I was terrified that he had somehow broken it. We waited just over three hours with a screaming kid for a five second procedure. Before that happened, i have never heard of it.

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