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Soccer mom

It's official. I am a soccer mom. We have enjoyed these last few Saturday mornings of cleats...coats...puddles...mud...community...and family time. We had no idea Mark was the coach until we arrived the first Saturday and the assistant coach asked us our names and then proceeded to say...oh, so you are the coach. Mark has enjoyed the opportunity to ge to know several parents and kids of the local Smyrna/Clayton community and our boys have enjoyed calling him Coach Mark:)

It was a bit chilly the first few weeks, but 2 Saturdays ago we got to stick around after our session and watch several other kiddos from church play in their respective sessions. I still have a very limited understanding of the game...but at least I am still better than they are. Simeon, who has to sit in the stroller for the entire 45 minutes each week appears to be catching on fast...I included the little video clip of my catching him running around the backyard kicking the soccer ball after watching his brothers at practice. This video was also the first time he actually kicked the ball instead of holding it like a football.....I was impressed at his initial skills...so I guess I truly am a soccer mom who thinks her kid is awesome.

Titus knows this is serious business

Ezra is a goof...the whole time

Brothers and best buddies

Simeon's backyard debut...

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Beth said...

CUTE video. I watched it over and over again. I LOVE your soccer boys!

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