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Phonemic Awareness

So happy that this big guy has entered the world of reading! He is quite excited...and so are Mark and I. What a joy it has been to my heart to see Titus take this next step. I began working with him at the age of 4 and then stopped in January due to pregnancy and the big move. I started back to working with him on Monday...and boy was he excited when he realized he was not just making random sounds...but reading words!
I am so thankful that the Lord has so graciously shown me the resources and given me the patience necessary to teach this skill to Titus. He alone knows the specific needs of each of my kiddos...and He so sweetly and kindly answered a request from this intimidated mama for wisdom and kind patience. It's such a joy to know that every aspect of parenting is an opportunity to reflect God's glory and our great need for Him...even in the simple area of phonics!

And for those who are interested, I checked out The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Bauer from the library and as I read I realized that I was already doing most of what preschoolers do in school....but I needed to incorporate some intentional phonics instruction. I chose to use the simple Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading by Jessie Wise which I originally got through the local library. So, we will begin checking out the Bob book beginning readers from the library next week and I can't wait for Titus to feel the incredible feeling of reading his first book....even if it is only 10 words long:)

I'd love to hear what resources any other phonics packing mama's are using! This simple system has worked great for Titus...but I highly doubt Ezra will follow this same pattern:) So, I am open to researching lots and lots over the next year:)

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