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We are doing great! Still hunting for a job....but enjoying the time of transition!
One of the incredible milestones of parenting is being able to communicate with your kiddo....even the first few babbles bring such great delight! Those first mama, dada, I love you, attempts truly melt the heart.....but as they begin to develop and test out new sounds and words...laughter is soon to follow! Titus and Ezra are both quite enjoyable to talk with....and I just needed to share a few of these priceless conversations.
All that just to introduce this first funny little conversation:)
When Mark showed the boys the ultrasound picture of the baby:
M: IT's a boy guys! See his part??
T: Yes. his name will be Levi
M: Yes, Levi Daniel.....now buckle your carseats and let's get home:)
T: Daddy, (as he was buckling up) what part do girls have??
M: (looking at me with a wide eyed glance) Well, Titus, girls have accessories...you know,
like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and fingernails.....Ha!!!such a big boy..and boy does he love to talk!

next conversation:
introduction- Titus and Ezra LOVE to play daddy and son:) It's quite humorous...especially when Simeon wants to join in and they make him be the doggie....he's got that part down with incredible accuracy...and he loves to bark until someone scratches behind his ears....no joke! Anyway...Titus has been telling me for weeks that he wants to be a daddy, so one night as we were going through the bedtime routine I casually told him he had to be a husband before he could be a daddy and that we could start praying for his future wife. by this time he and Ezra were in bed and I began tending to Simeon.....
T: mom, I'm gonna marry Isabella
A: why Isabella?
T: She is nice to me in class (Sunday School) and she wants to be a mommy to a girl baby and a boy baby
A: okay....(just had to get my plug in at this point.....) well, Emma is a nice girl too (and oh how I would love to be truly related to Nina Whitcomb someday:)
T: huh... (thinks for a moment)
E: sucking his thumb and listening intently
T: okay...Emma is also nice.......I'll marry Emma
E: (very loud and very sincere) And I'm gonna marry Emma's Mommy!!!!!! lol
Needless to say...I wasn't too sure how exactly to present these requests during prayer:)
here's hoping Emma is one of my Daughter's-in-law someday
and Nina isn't my daughter-in-law!!!!!

Final Conversation
Introduction-The boys have been listening to the book of John on their ipod at night, naptime, and during playtime in their room.
This morning, I heard Simeon screaming about 5:30 and went in to check on him and try to quiet him down quickly before he woke himself and the boys up for the day (since they are such early risers...). He had pooped and was quite angry as I changed his diaper as quick as I could in the dark...there was no way I was moving him or turning on a light....So as I was engrossed (pun intended!) in my speed and precision as I tried to keep everyone (including myself) in a somewhat sleepy state so that this test of my mad diapering abilities wouldn't keep me from pillowland for more than a few more moments:):) That's when this conversation commenced:
A:(diapering with extreme precision and speed)
A:(pause...oh no, Titus is awake......I'm not ready for the day to start......diaper faster)
T:How DARE YOU ...turn my Father's house into a marketplace!
A: (puzzled and trying to think where that came from.....
T: Mom, we don't know how to get to the marketplace!
A: (JOHN! he is quoting from the book of John! and he is wide awake sitting up in bed
looking at me... )
T: Well, I'll bet daddy can tell us how to get to the market.
A: Yes, (chuckling) Daddy will help us find it:) now lay down and go back to sleep:)
And thankfully......he was at least quiet and eventually fell back asleep....as did I. I guess 4 years of diapering non-stop has paid off!!!
I didn't exactly have any pics of my mad diapering capabilities...but this picture brought back a funny memory:) this is Pip (Mark's dad) last summer bringing Simeon to me and I figured it may help give a visual of diapering!

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