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What a wonderful month this last one has been! I can't believe it is the last day of February:) what an amazing few weeks these have been...
Things that I haven't blogged about...but thought about blogging
*Ezra turned 3 the end of January. We had a family party and enjoyed a few hours at the Chuckie. If you haven't been to a newly renovated chuckie.....you are missing out:) No pictures:( my camera batteries have died and I haven't replaced them....yes...in a whole month!
*I turned 29 in Feburary. No party, just a quiet and wonderful 4 day 3 night get away with Mark in Richmond. Most people would look at our time away and be completely bored with how we spent our time...but it was wonderful to just sit and stare off into the distance....sleep in till 8:00am...eat at whatever time we were hungry instead of sticking to the routine....walk around stores aimlessly for hours and still come away empty handed....sit at Barnes and Noble for 5 hours and not say a single word...just read and read and read! BLISS we also watched lots of TV and I sat on the Couch....yes just sat there until my body started to ache.
*I hit the 12 week mark for this pregnancy....or at least I think it's 12 weeks. I'm still miserable which is a good sign and I still have to say that it is still my least favorite part of the whole baby process. give me unmedicated birth.....newborn nights....toddlers running around needing you when you can't even see straight from exhaustion.....I'll gladly take it over the 1st trimester yuckiness!!! However, it's almost over and I predict it's a girl....just like I always do! God's kindness was very evident in that he allowed me to escape the typical exhaustion this time around. My friend Annalisa says she thinks it's because I live in a constant state of exhaustion...but I beg to differ. I actually had to take medication in order to sleep at night.....however, that worked to my advantage as.....
*I packed and packed and packed and packed and packed and packed and packed! Mark was busy training the new recruits for the business transition...so I worked my little nausea out of my system with incessant boxes, tape, folding, stuffing, labeling....oh and working through temper tantrums with Simeon. what a little temper that blonde haired blue eyed boy has!
*The last week all the boys were miserably sick and I was so humbled and blessed by the meals people prepared for us as well as the help with packing and loading up the goods. For sure, the last week didn't go as planned....but it was way better. M sin was evident as I fell prey to/fought off worry, fear, anxiety, anger, ....but my Savior was so faithful. The reminders that I am no longer enslaved to those sins were plentiful....but I struggled to live out a life that was enslaved to freedom through Christ....why do I do that? I'd rather fret than just freely live. huh, kinda sounds like something Paul addressed.
*Because of sickness...we had to leave lots of goodbye's unsaid. We plan to return in May for a weekend trip and hope to squeeze in lots of visits that weekend!
*We have arrived safely in Dover, DE and are settling in just wonderfully. Mark doesn't have a job right now and we are seeking God's wisdom as we walk by faith in this area. What a blessing it has truly been even though we don't have answers. He is filling out applications online and will begin pounding the streets tomorrow. Delaware is no place to be "looking" for employment...but truly our hearts are joyful as we look for God's continued work in this area. I look forward to sharing the news with you all once God shows himself mighty in this area. Pray for our faith to increase during this time....and boldness for Mark:)
And now you know the rest of the story
Soli Deo Gloria


TwoMuths said...

YAY, Anne! I'm 12 weeks too - Sept 10 for us! Looks like we'll have a race to the finish! :-) Loved reading your update and praying for a smooth transition!

Laura D said...

Loved reading the update! I've missed seeing your lately. Congratulations on the pregnancy. Praying for you during this transition!

kellyH said...

I didn't know you were preggers!! congrats! I am sure it was not easy being in the 1st tri with the moving transistion. praying it gets easier and you are able to get settled in quickly! I am sure you are going to love your new ministry! your getaway sounds lovely, I totally get it. :)

Stamped Here by Him said...

We will be praying for you. I know God will provide all you need in the right time. He loves you this I know.
"Am I not still the God of Time? Make I mistake? Have I no mind? If I should Sovereign choose to wait, while you yet live...Anticipate! Prepare, O Bride, let eyes grow dim. Die, lesser sights. Cast eyes on Him. Spend yourself till stage be set. Beloved Disciple, love still yet." - Beth Moore
THis has always been an encouragement in almost any situation. I am so thankful for our Faithful Father. Knowing that he will take specific care of you, Amy and Mark

Melody said...

Congrats on your newest blessing! I can totally empathize with moving and being pregnant ... not my idea of fun :) Praying tonight for you during this transition!

Andy Morris said...

yay! im an official follower of the brumblog! :)

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