Everyday Life

the light bug

we stumbled upon this simple form of entertainment several weeks ago...and I had to post this little candid moment of the boys chasing the 'light bug'.
Mind you...they had been smacking at this 'bug' for several minutes, but I am only posting this little moment. So before you begin just imagine 2 little boys intently chasing the bug all around the room and giggling as they tried to 'smack it dead'.

note: neither of them have figured out just exactly where the 'light bug' originates...and mommy and daddy hope to keep it a mystery! This little 'bug' has saved many a dull moment over the last several weeks! All they know is that we have one in our house and in our car:)


Laura D said...

We got a kick out of watching this. Oh the simplicity of life!

MarkandAnneB said...

I cannot help but laugh every time I watch it again.

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