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happy as a lark...at the park

just had to post this cutie.pa.tootie pic of my big guy and his special new additions!

Sim is 9 months old and is a bundle full of love and energy.

He is busy with trying to keep up with his big brothers and
I'm busy squeezing all the love and cuddles I possibly can out of him before he starts walking (soon) and being an independent toddler.

He has transitioned to a bottle this week (Thanks to the 5 white additions in his mouth:)
and has actually started some baby food and formula in the last 2 weeks!!!

Time has just flown by and I'm thrilled with each moment
I have been given to serve this sweetie as he grows and learns.

Still have yet to get him to the dr. so I have no idea how much he weighs or how long he is...maybe this month:)

He LOVES the water...and as soon as he gets in he starts sticking his little lips in and starts blowing bubbles....I guess he loves his big brother swimming instructors. Too cute

I'm so blessed


Cadovius said...

Your children are all GORGEOUS!!! I love this photo. I sure do miss you. I'm putting together a box of the boys' clothes to send your way. I hope you can still use a bunch of them even though it's all summer stuff. Maybe you can save it for Simeon for next year. :-) I love you, my sister and I hope you're having a wonderful Friday!


Beautiful life & family. God bless

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