Everyday Life

curiosity can be so entertaining

Saturday, I was upstairs and the boys were downstairs. I could hear the boys playing in a kind way and then a few seconds later Titus came upstairs with a smile on his face telling me Ezra was playing with the milk pumper ( in the distance I could hear Ezra singing the gospel song over and over again). I panicked for a split second thinking Ezra was pouring milk so I asked Titus to further expound...then I realized I had left the parts to the 'milk pumper thing' in reach of little hands...as I walked downstairs giggling with visions bouncing around in my head of what I was about to encounter (and I grabbed the camera as I was sure this would be a moment to capture on film)...and I was not disappointed

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Beth said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Way to be creative guys. Way to put those weird things to good use. It reminds me of comedy sportz when you are given a prop and have to come up with different skits/uses for it!

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