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Simeon's 6 month update

He will be 7 months in 9 days...but I had to share some of the moments from this last month. I have many many more...but these will have to do for now. This month was a busy month for us with all our travels...but we loved being together as a family and we LOVED watching Simeon change into a mobile baby! Sim D with Big D in TN

Bananas anyone??

A quick bath in Mamaw's sink

Scooting started...and he is quite proficient now!
If he wants something...he goes and gets it! Quite a ball of energy!

Sitting up before he was 6 months. He was QUITE proud of himself!
I am pretty sure that he is quite motivated to move and do because he is watching his older brothers have so much fun together!

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Bonnie said...

Be still my heart. That little boy totally has Aunt BonBon's number.

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