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I HATE the hassle of professional pictures, but I LOVE picture people and its the season of super picture deals...so, I ventured out-ALONE!
3 boys all clean, fed, clothed, and boo-boo free is quite a taxing process; however, they were champs! I told the lady that my desire was to leave the studio with a great shot of all 3 boys and a cute baby shot of Simeon. The picture lady worked fast...and we were in and out of the session in about 12 minutes! what a blessing these sweeties are and these pics really capture their true personalities. (sorry the pics are so small...I'm not really sure how to make them bigger)
my fav of the 3
stunning eyes!
he was all over that studio floor,
but she managed to snap this one in motion
my FAV and the one I walked out with
as his 6 month photo

1 comment:

Michael, Nina, Emma, Elliot & Ethan said...

love all of them! so glad that it worked out well for you...i have yet to get all three of mine scheduled for pictures together ;)

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