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Another qulaification added to my highly sought after resume

yes, it is finally time to add another qualification to my resume that is in such high demands these days....

I make people
I make milk
I make DIRT!

I started this science project 2 years ago this spring...making organic soil for my garden using compost. It's not much...but if the Lord allows me to steward more land in Delaware...I plan to have quite an impressive compost setup!

Some observations:
Very good way for me to "think green" - you can compost lots and lots of materials!
Did not stink...this one was my biggest fear! as long as the 80% brown with 20% green ratio is kept...this little baby keeps its digestive odors neutralized!
Did not attract nasty flies or rodents...even though every time I lifted the lid I panicked ever so slightly at the thought of something jumping out at me!
I got the article off the internet from someone who owned an apartment and wanted to compost on their little porch.....I'm totally convinced that ANYONE who has access to sun can do this!


Katie Barker said...

Looks like a good project.
How do you make sure it's 80/20?

Bethany said...

Hey Annie - do you have the link to this article? I want to make dirt too...I haven't had the pleasure of the other two just yet:)

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