Everyday Life

"Free" time

...I sit at the computer with 5 minutes of "free" time to update my blog...
...2 minutes spent trying to come up with a catchy title
...1 minute spent realizing I am not good at that "Catchy Title" stuff...and I should work on it (someday...in my "free" time)
...30 seconds thinking about the need to plan my meals for the next week
...30 seconds in sheer astonishment that all the posts I have made didn't download from my imagination to the computer...must be faulty wiring (I'll have to check into that in my free time)
...25 seconds staring in the distance with a foggy dazed look at the whirlwind of a morning I have had (getting only 1 thing crossed off my "hope to" list amidst the constant disciplining sessions)
...15 seconds confessing arrogance at my constant desire for "free" time while God has given me the ability to glorify Him as I serve my precious blessings
...13 seconds posting a picture of those blessings...1 second thinking about how comfy this office chair is...
...1 second clicking the publish button....times up...the youngest blessing is bawling for me to bless him :)

be patient with me...my desire to blog is great, but my resources these days are quite monopolized...or should I say multi-opolized!

1 comment:

pgh moms said...

my "free time" is usually after kiddos bedtime. :) I AM anxious to hear your move to Dover story though!! (when you have some free time) :)

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