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Your going where???

yes...do you know where that is? Kinda funny that before I went to college in WI...I really had no idea where it was and I kinda figured not many people lived there. Well, in many ways, Delaware was the same for me.
Good News...I looked on a map and can tell you that it about 2 1/2 hours northeast (more east than north) of DC and people do live there!
God has made himself so beautiful to us in this whole process of "what's next" and I'm not sure I can do the entire story justice without seeming to ramble...but I'll sum it up by saying that
The Spirit of God spoke...and we are humbled and honored to be moving as He directs.
Can I even explain this? not really. Those of you who have experienced this, know. what. I. mean!
Sometime within the next year...(we will be out of our house by Dec 31st) God will move us to Delaware to be a part of the community of believers at Trinity Church in Smyrna, Delaware...and we are giddy with elation. Why? Like I said before...the Spirit of God spoke...and since we walk by faith and not by sight...that is great cause for rejoicing. And let me tell you...there has been some crazy rejoicing going on in this house with this mama who is seeing her sin everywhere she turns...and basking in her covenant relationship with Christ....How Great is Our God!

I'll post the details in a coming post...but it is so wonderfully amazing!
I wanted to post the lyrics to the following song...but I found it on your tube and want to include it. This song has been so dear to Mark and I...especially as Mark has been studying Abraham the last 6 months (hence the random Abraham post a few posts ago:). It just testifies and resonates with our hearts as we have seen God answer prayer over and over these last few years!

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{B} said...

I'm really excited for you Annie!

A ton of my family lives in Dover, Delaware {small world, huh?!} so I am excited that the next time I find myself in Delaware, I will probably get to see you! ;-)

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