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Brumbaugh Family Vacation
St. George's Island, FL 2009

the most relaxing beach we have ever visited!
We did this for hours just floating around talking with each other...
I am now a convert to secluded beaches!

the last Brumbaugh kid wedding
took place on the last day of vacation...Congrats Justin and Stephanie

the Cousins (left 2 right)
Ezra 1
Jonas 6
Titus 2
Kate 2
Ella 4
Due to arrive...
(and so excited to all be preggo together!
what a fun few months it has been swapping preggo moments:)
again left 2 right
Isaac Dec 2009
Simeon Nov 2009
Baby Stamper April 2010

The boys first professional picture...
gotta love the picture people getting
on the floor to capture this moment!

Helping dad assemble the bunk bed in their room.

Titus can still tell you the tools he used that
day to help put the bed
together...hammer, socket wrentch...bolts...

One Sunday afternoon...the boys and I drifted off to sleep listening to power tools in the back yard...and when we awoke...VWALLAHH!!
Titus will sleep up top and Ezra will be sleeping on the bottom bunk...
boy oh boy they grow up fast:)snuggle time with the master craftsman

chatting it up to make the time go by...
and boy oh boy can these boys chat up a storm!

Oh, the things you do to entertain a toddler trying to learn how to use the potty. My update on this is: patience produces progress...and last week was our breakthrough week! Hallelujah! Now we just have to keep up the patience during practice to ensure permanence:)

Our library closed down last December in order to renovate...and they finally opened again on Sept. 30, 2009! WE went to the opening party and celebrated by each of the boys getting their first library card! Titus was so excited to be able to borrow Franklin the Detective on his very own library card!

Mark's first day of his last year of seminary. He left for class and came home later that day only to inform me that they had canceled his class for the semester...which meant he had to register for another online class....WAHOO!! He has had a full load of classes this semester but has only had to attend 1 week of class-which allows him to maintain a normal work schedule and study in the morning and evenings (after performing his fatherly duty of post dinner wrestling with Titus and Ezra, of course!)...we have enjoyed this break TREMENDOUSLY!

A last minute family photo...we don't do professional photos b.c I hate the hastle of working with another person who thinks if they do something stupid enough my kids will smile...WRONG! Although they are young...they do know when someone is just being dumb...so please just tell them what you want and snap away! So, I decided to get this picture done and the only time they had available was 9:00pm...and my boys go to bed at 8:00pm! However, I must admit that the picture people were amazing and managed to get this shot which I enjoy looking at...but soon and very soon our little family will expand to include another sweet baby boy, Simeon D....and we are ALL excited about that:)



akhughes said...

I LOVED seeing your update! your vacay looks amazing! nice work on the beds, Mark. :) very cute prego pic of you 3!

Beth said...

such fun memories... let's do it again next summer!!!! (NOT the preggo part though! lol!) I love that feet pic. that was a good idea you had, Anne! those bunk beds are great. are those crib-size matresses? Nice work, Mark! I bet the boys love them.

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