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Are we awake? Does the relative comfort and ease of America dull our thinking?

Friends, why are we so eager to shut out disaster as if we are invincible? America is on the verge of being destroyed from the top down and we have let it happen. We the people have become complacent and lethargic. No longer do we consider the nation of our children and the future of America and its impact. Our days are filled with work and pleasure so that our kids can work and be pleasured. How often do we consider the land in which they will work and the country--presently still the best country in the world--that now affords for us so many opportunities for good fun and enjoyment, but may very soon evaporate in the coming 'change' that is being forced upon us? It is not difficult to draw comparisons from our nation and the corruption of Rome centuries ago. Yet so many of us do not care to take the time and think about government, history, politics, and YES our involvement. Our founding fathers gave us a republic...if we could keep it, as Benjamin Franklin stated. I ask, "Are we keeping it?" We still have a voice. It will be sacrifice if we are to speak. It will be difficult if we are to act. It will require us to consider the difficult choice to give up time, pleasure, and ease to voice our authority as a nation governed by the people for the people. The burning question in my mind is this, "Are we willing? Am I willing?" Our voices can be heard and shared far quicker today and on a much broader scale today than in the days of our founders. Dare we use our resources? We must.

America, friends, family are you willing to pause and ponder your current attitude toward our nation and our government? I beg of you today to stop and think about this country, your aspirations for your family, your personal efforts to build your home and life, your future, and how integrally related they are to the government that we have allowed to develop and to whom we have handed over almost complete control. Today after you stop to think just for a few moments about our current government and the possibilities of our future as a nation please ask yourself what you might be able to do to prevent the fall or even the 'change' of our great nation. You can write to your newspaper, begin a blog, research the history of our nation, or just begin by reading our constitution and remember just what kind of nation we have. You can call your representatives (if you never call and only stop with one call you are letting your voice go silent amidst the winds of 'change'). You can write letters to your local and national governments (a letter demands thought and time--it will have to be researched and will drive you to action). Whatever your choice or method (there are multiple other opportunities to begin to influence our nation and the choices that it is making--use some creativity and do not be suppressed by fear) you are in the position still as an American to act and to impact the future of our land. Will you stop today and consider the opportunity?

Our fore fathers took their opportunities and forged a nation of opportunity for us--for you and me. We are living in ease in the best country in the world for the present time. Are you and I willing to keep this nation and retain the environment, philosophy, and opportunity for which it was created and currently continues to provide? The length and breadth of our nations ability to sustain itself is measured by the people and their involvement in its inner workings. We must act to sustain our country and its foundation.
Scene at the Signing of the Constitution

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