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Happy 3rd Birthday, Titus Kip!

A wonderful day of giving thanks for the 3 tremendous years God has gifted Titus with!
one final 2 year old snuggle time with daddy!

Grandy and Mimi made a special trip down for the big day

The meal of choice was Hot Dogs over the fire pit


The long awaited funnel cake birthday cake.
Titus has been asking for one of these since he tasted his
first funnel cake back in August at the fair!
Boy - oh - Boy was it a tasty treat for all of us

a special birthday gift! Some new cars!

testing out the new truck with Grandy

The jolly green giant and little sprout!

Clive stopped by to give Titus some specially decorated cupcakes...and this special new shirt! Now "The White Van" will live on long after these boys realize it is just a vehicle! But for now, these guys are super intrigued and enthralled with all the powered gadgets our van has! May the Brum-Mobile live on and on:)

One tired but extremely happy mommy!
I am so thankful to God for choosing me to
be the mother of this smart, kind, and energetic young man!

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