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Welcoming Simeon D Brumbaugh

Simeon D Brumbaugh
November 19, 2009
9 lbs 21 1/2" long
chest 36cm
head 35cm
a big healthy blessing!

we laid the boys down for their afternoon nap and
then left for the hospital. These 2 big brothers were
super excited for baby Simeon to be born...
so that they could go to Grandy and Mimi's house.

Mimi meeting Simeon
while big brothers waited outside climbing trees and playing spiders.
I'll be sure to post pics of the boys meeting Simeon.
They can't wait to see him in a few days....our hospital here has adopted the
"no visitors under 18 years of age policy due to the H1N1 flu"
...so they have seen him over skype...
but the real life version of Simeon meeting the elders has yet to take place!
Won't that be a memory:)

a special visit from Aunt Nina...

Of course, Mark had work to do...so Simeon got his first dose
of Eschatology (End Times) shortly after his arrival.
Maybe the next baby will be born without any
seminary projects looming over us :)
and for those of you who are wondering ...the birthing jacuzzi is the big grey thing next to the rocker.

Mark adding Simeon's footprints to the wall near Ezra's

it's official and on the wall:)

their names and prints are connected on the wall
right next to the room they were both born in




a special addition to the board of babies born this month at the Midwifery Center.
Simeon is 3rd from the bottom...as you can see, the 19th was a busy day for the midwives!

feeling great and happy to be headed home with our little man. This is the first time I was discharged during the day...usually I have to leave around Midnight...but this time we got to leave and run a few errands before heading home for a nap!

All ready to go home.
This is the hat, mitten and sweater set I crocheted for Simeon...however, I was expecting him to be a bit smaller...so, I more or less squeezed him into the sweater and was glad that I had neglected to add the buttons! The mittens were a tight squeeze as well...but it was oh-so worth the work to make this special gift for my 3rd gift from God! So many prayers were prayed for my son as I stitched these for him. My heart was overwhelmed at the goodness of the Lord in allowing me to carry this young man and my anticipation grew with each stitch. God was so near to me as I prepared for Simeon's birth...and I can honestly say that labor and delivery were a special time of communion between my heart and the One who stewarded me with this treasure! What a blessing and joy to be in a personal relationship with Simeon's Creator and life-giver!
The birth story:
All my labors have been so uniquely different. When I went to my 39 week appt. Thursday morning...I was happy to hear that I was almost half way done with labor (between 4-5cm)wahoo! However, this alarmed Mark a bit b/c of his fear of not making it to the hospital in time for this birth. My midwife asked me if I wanted to come in and get the IV antibiotics in me before I went into labor. She knew I had a slim to none chance of getting the medicine in me once labor started...b/c it takes 4 hours and I have yet to have a labor that is that long. Mark was relieved to hear this option...and after he finished work that day, we laid the boys down and headed to the hospital. I got the IV antibiotics from 4:40-8:40pm while Mark and I enjoyed a quiet and relaxing dinner and nap. . .
water broke at 8:42pm. So we walked around for a bit and watched some TV.
Labor contractions started around 9:45. . .so the TV was turned off and Mark and I started getting excited about meeting Simeon soon!
Around 11:00pm I looked at the clock and thought...this was going to take a while b/c my contractions didn't seem long enough to be moving me along. At 11:30 I felt the contractions strengthen and I told Mark that if we were at home I would probably think it was time to leave for the hospital...but boy are we glad we were already there...b/c Simeon arrived 15 minutes later and our drive to the hospital would have taken 30 minutes!
To God be the Glory - Great things He has done!


Future of Hope said...

Mark and Anne,
What a beautiful testimony of God's goodness.

We are praising the Lord with you as you celebrate this precious new gift.

God bless you all, and give the boys a hug from me.

Pgh Moms said...

beautiful story! so glad you had a smooth & healthy delivery & baby. he's a big boy! hope you're recovery goes well, especially with 2 other bundles of energy to keep up with. can't believe you're running ERRANDS on the way home...but I guess at #3 you're an old pro. :) ongrats on your beautful boy.

Busch family said...

Congratulations! He's just precious!

As I was reading your post I thought your room looked really familiar - Silas was born in that room! :) I LOVED the midwifery center! I wish we had one here like that. We missed it greatly when Ruthanne was born!

I just love the outfit you made for Simeon. It's so cute! You did a wonderful job. I know he'll treasure it when he's older and realize what a special mama he has!

I pray you have time to rest and recuperate and enjoy your sweet little boys.

You look wonderful! SO happy for you and Mark! Praise our good God for His precious gifts to us!

Autum said...

Congratulations on your 3 boys. I know we enjoy our 3.

What a great birth story!

Kristin said...

Congrats Annie! I LOVE the Midwifery Center!!!!! Did you deliver in the birthing tub? That was my plan...God had other plans...

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Congrats!!! Thanks for the story!

Karis said...

Wow! 9 pounds! Wow! You are amazing. I mean I know God gave you that quick birth experience with a big baby but still! Wow! :-)

I remember I felt that good with my second delivery -- like I could run to Walmart on the way home and that was 24 hours after I had the baby when they let me leave. Of course, I chalked it up to not feeling anything after my epidural, but you give me hope for this third time around with no such options. :-)

I am so happy for you guys.

Michael, Nina, Emma, Elliot & Ethan said...

love these posts!! and the picture of Simeon going home is priceless...love the knitted outfit! can't wait to celebrate at Olive Garden with you, friend...
praising the Lord for what He is doing in your and Mark's lives.

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