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Baby Simeon Live

yes...call me an over-excited mommy...but I love the fact that I could get a recording of our 20 week ultrasound with Simeon. We were able to get a VHS recording of Ezra's 20 week ultrasound...but I have failed to get it transferred over to DVD as of yet...(which my sweet father will be doing for me on my next visit to DC!).
So...bear with me as I make this post for the family who are interested...I hate talking on video...but I wanted to make a few comments so my family would know what they are looking at. Plus...I just couldn't help myself...when you see this little boy squirming around in there...it makes me just want to squeal and touch him. It also makes me so very nervous about having another BUSY BOY to follow after and train. The entire DVD is about 13 minutes long...so I just taped the highlights for you all to enjoy.

Video #1 - It's a BOY! You can see his spine for the first few seconds...and his little heart just pumping away...and then it gets blurry as Sue (my ultrasound technician) moves around to find out if we are looking at a girl or boy...It is obvious if you keep looking towards the left side of the image. I am so glad she did not make me wait until the end to find out! I was so nervous and excited for this appointment that I told the nurses my blood pressure was probably through the roof...and it was definitely higher than normal:):)

Video #2 - His busy feet...I love see his little feet floating. They come into and out of view because he was feeling the nervous energy his mama was emitting!

Video #3 - his heart...I kinda zoomed in too close...but you can see his heart just going to town doing it's thing!

Video #4 - Is going to take too long to upload at this moment...so I will post it tomorrow!


Bonnie said...

I enjoyed the videos! Sweet little Simeon.

TwoMuths said...

YAY! God's creation is SO AMAZING!

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