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July 4, 2009

Titus, Ezra, and myself spent this past weekend with my parents. Mark had to stay home to work on school work ( and was greatly missed by all!)...but the rest of us had a wonderful time visiting family, eating yummy food, and relaxing together.

Aunt Becky reading the new lighthouse book she got for Titus

Fireworks by Grandy!

does he look ready for bed??

Video #1 - the fireworks were quite alarming to Ezra...even though last year he loved them. Titus eventually started liking them...but we had to remove Ezra's influence in order for him to not be so fearful!
Video #2 - we ended the evening by watching Uncle Jason's band perform for the fireworks in DC. (no we did not travel into the mess of traffic and people...we just watched the live performance from the comfort of our living room!) Uncle Jason will not be so pleased that I included this video as this was just "another performance" for him...but we were so excited to see him playing the Herald Trumpets (I love these instruments!!)...and I managed to catch a second or two on the video. I know Titus will be excited to see Uncle Jason playing the trumpet on our blog...

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

Aww...Aunt Bonnie will be fireworks for T anyday! The fireworks totally cracked me up!

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