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I know I haven't given any good tips recently...I promise to have a few ready for next week!
I wanted to explain all these post over the last month and a half. You see...I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not sit down and blog everyday. This was eating away at my time so once I began focusing on how I could better use my time...I contemplated forgoing the entire facebook/blog world altogether.
however, I stumbled upon the post options button right above the "Publish Post" button on the screen where I type my blog posts...what a difference this has made! It allows me to sit down and do all my posts at one time and schedule them to post on any given day I choose. Pretty nifty!
Mark has been working at the YMCA as a fit links coach one evening a week...and I am so lonely when he isn't here at night. Therefore, I decided to do all my blogging after I lay the boys down on the night he worked. Once Mark gets home he studies for and takes his Hebrew quizzes online...so it gives him plenty of uninterrupted study time and allows me to streamline and condense my blogging time each week.
So needless to say, last Tuesday I was a little more spent in my mental, emotional, and physical capacities...thus I opted to do some simple posts for the week.

Don't be alarmed...I have been thinking and considering some new post ideas...so stay tuned!


jess said...

Anne, you totally refresh and inspire me!! Keep it up!

Which stand did you get your 25 cent plants from?? I've tried the seed route before and it was a mess b/c of our limited space - grown plants for a quarter sounds like the way to go!

I've been enjoying the book; on chaper 8 so far... and excited to say that one by one my frogs are getting eaten!! The time is there I've just gotta use it right and get off my lazy bumb!

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

henley's farm market their info is in the sunday paper each week...but i will try to get the number for you when i get my paper on wednesday.

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