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Northland International University

Gotta say I am so proud of NBBC making this name clarification. I can only imagine all the hype and talk this name change will spark.

The Core values are the same

They are still pursuing Great Commission Training in
Academics - what we know
Actions - what we do
Attitude - who we truly are

And they are still in love with the same God and Gospel that scripture teaches.

As for my concern of the intent of this change...who cares? The above 3 items (Gospel, Core, and Principles) were my concern. after all the university started as a local camp, then God grew it and they became a regional camp, then God grew it and they changed the name to a Bible Institute, then God grew it and they changed the name to Bible College, then God grew it and they began the Graduate program, then they began opening up extensions of the college on foreign field...so, they changed the name to University.

I had the opportunity of getting to know several of the administrators as I attended the college...and let me say that their vision was so huge and passionate! Doc O knew he needed someone with more skill to help him flush out his vision...so Dr. Horn came along and completely revamped the academic side of NBBC...which was not welcomed by most students at the time, but has greatly impacted NBBC for the better! Dr. Olson came along with such vision and a deeply rooted love for the local church and missions! Now, they realize that more skill is needed and they are adding Dr. Jack Klem to vamp up their graduate program...and I personally think they couldn't do better than asking him!! Dr. Jim Bennett is the Vice President for Academic affairs (and has been for a few years) which only further grounds my excitement for the potential of NIU in the days ahead. I remember chuckling to myself after hearing a few of them talk about their vision for NBBC...I was thinking...in your dreams! Well...here are some dreams that are becoming a reality...and the advancement of the Gospel is central to those dreams!

So, officially, NBBC still exists as the undergraduate program of Northland International University...whew! At least now I know my memorobilia hasn't lost any of its investment value...and I am also quite certain that their AMAZING (lol) Alumni perks are still valid b/c after all I am a card carrying graduate :)

However, when someone asks me where I graduated from...I will say Northland International University (for SEVERAL reasons but I'll refrain from my soap box right now :) and under my breath I will ask God to continue to bless and grow the vision and passion of Northland as it endeavors to passionately and effectively train servants for Gospel living!

for some helpful explanation the administrators sat down for 2 round table discussions that were recorded and I found them extremely insightful. Here is the link to the chats!

now....I wonder if they would ever consider doing away with DEMERITS! that would truly be internationl! In International countries...well let's just say their forms of discipline seem so much more effective ;)


Matthew said...

Nicely written... and I especially like the comment about demerits. :)

sc3b said...

Yes, it caused some hype! I got a phone call from Brooke telling me that she was no longer a student at NBBC - fortunately I heard the funny twist in her voice and didn't get too alarmed. She said they gave out NI t-shirts after chapel.

Travis and Becky said...

Hey, Mark. I'm with you. Great move. I appreciate your reasoning here. I can't wait to hear some of interesting comments from the constituency and others.

adrian.smith said...

View the Northland International University name unveiling.

Phil Palmer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil Palmer said...

I am a current student at Northland, and I am here to tell you that, as of this semester, demerits are no more.

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