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Pizza Party!

When I was home in DC a few weeks ago, someone - you know who you are - slipped me a $20.00 bill and told me to buy a pizza for our next family night. Well...last week was missions conference for us at Colonial and we decided to stop off at Cici's pizza for some dinner together before attending our missions workshops. We all loved it and enjoyed watching the boys...put away some pizza! I guess Mark and I put away quite a bit as well...b/c I was so full at the missions conference I was borderline miserable! However...Cici's is free for kiddos 3 and under...and they are running a $3.99 buffet special...so we made out with enough cash to do it again!!! Wahoo for round 2 coming soon:)

In case you can't see clearly what is on his plate...I got him some carrots and ranch dip (a special treat for him...) along with his pizza. I figured it was in vain and that he would skip over those orange veggies...but he prove dme wrong and ate all of them first and asked for more! Gotta love the Ranch!

Thank you so much for your generous gift of pizza and family time!

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