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The Soul of Modesty

Recently, Lorie Newcomer sent this sermon my way. I listened to it and was so encouraged ...especially since working with teenagers can leave one truly questioning the outworking of modesty in the local body. How has the gospel impacted our modesty...that is the question. Yet, so often I hear...do you think this it too tight?? Do you think this is too low?? Do you think this is...
I often find my first thought is...Who cares what YOU think...grow up a little spiritually and search the motives of your heart.
Yet, the scriptures implore believers to use gentleness and humility to address delicate issues of the heart.
Therefore, my second thought/word of advice is usually...If you really want to challenge yourself, pray through your wardrobe first before getting any second opinions. Let the Spirit truly open your heart and mind to embrace how important our attire is. I know that may sound a little "spiritualized"...but it has helped me focus so much more on the "main issue at hand"...my personal walk with Christ.

Readers, I encourage each of you to listen to this sermon sometime when you are surfing facebook or the blogging world. Allow this sermon aid in directing our thoughts as we endeavor to be women of Faith.

summary below taken from www.sermonaudio.com

The dangers of immodesty and indiscretion are prevalent in today's society.
It's tempting for women to want to give in to the world's pressure and
wear what is fashionable and available. But modesty
deals more with the heart than the body.

In a Sunday message primarily directed toward women,
C.J. Mahaney speaks from Scripture on the
attitude, appearance, and allegiance of the modest woman.

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