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A last minute surprise

Last Friday I was playing with the boys at the park when I decided to call and check on how my parents day was going. I told my dad that he and mom shoul docme down for the weekend and go to the beach with us...but he just chuckled and said, we can't...but you could come up here!
I laughed for a moment...and then made a quick call to Mark who sweetly agreed that it would be much more enjoyable for the boys and I to go away since he would be absentee for the next week working on a seminary project. I made 2 more calls to switch up my swim lesson schedule...and then called dad and said I would be leaving within the hour. Since mom wasn't home...we decided she coul djust be suprised when we got there.
I ran home, threw some clothes in a bag, switched over the laundry, swept the floor, tidied up the kitchen...and was out the door 40 minutes later!
We had such a wonderful time and enjoyed playing outside soooo much. The highlight for Titus was throwing rocks in the river...the highlight for me was home sweet home (but the game of aggravation comes in a close second:)...and the highlight for Ezra was...learning to go down the hill in my parent's backyard.

not too fond of saying good-bye to Uncle Jason...

throwing rocks at the river...for the 50th time!

a visit from Aunt Bon Bon and Uncle Jason

helping Grandy fix the door lock...and yes,
he was grunting as he used the power tool!!

Flav-o-burst ice cream from the rib shack

Mimi and her grandsons at the Potomac River

Sunday morning photo shoot...

visiting the cat at the village hardware store

walking down by the Wiver


Bonnie said...

Aww, these pictures make me miss you guys all over again! I can hear T talking about "gowin to da wiver to fro rocks and make BIG splash". Love you guys!

skB said...

cute! So glad that you were able to go. . .you have an idea??!!!!? And you didn't tell me? ?! Call me:) And I WILL call you back if I miss it! :)

Beth said...

Ezra looks JUST LIKE MARK to me! so glad you got go home and see your family.

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

What a fun little trip to take! Glad you enjoyed it.

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