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Can you guess which boy has a fancy new haircut??

maybe Ezra's hair will get some attention while we are in Tennessee next week!

Walter's Barber Shop
Titus and Grandy in front of the shop

This last weekend was one of those moments I had been waiting for for many many years. I never dreamed I would be taking Titus to Walter's Barber Shop for a haircut...but the opportunity presented itself and I was thrilled to experience Titus' first professional haircut. I know in an earlier post I mentioned not paying for someone else to cut my kiddos hair...but this was sheerly a sentimental haircut.
My dad has been going to Walter's barber shop for many many years. I can remember going with my dad on Saturday mornings to get his haircut so I could see Mr. Bill and eat a lolli-pop. The shop was very dated looking and had several animals that hung on the walls as the owner's hunting trophies. Needless to say, the shop had a real "down-home" feel and I always enjoyed the experience. I was pleasantly surprised to walk in and not notice a bit of change aside from a few new animals on the wall. The oldies were playing...the door to the shop was propped open, and the old fashioned adding machine (cash register...no credit cards here!).
I knew Titus was in need of a haircut...and my dad was in need of a haircut...so Grandy and Titus went to the Barber shop...and what a fun time it was!
before the big cut...

Bill's wife, Rebekah, did the honors...notice the cookie(s)?
As long as T had a cookie we were in good shape...

This was the face I was given if I let the cookies lag
for too long...bribing at its finest!

enjoying the lolli-pops which although the idea was the same...
Bill had updated the stash since I had been there last...
(the last time I was in there with my dad was 17 years ago...)

Bill, Titus, and mommy

Can anybody guess what animal this is??


Karis said...

What fun for you!

"Bribery at its finest." Been there!

TwoMuths said...

cute pictures! I don't think I've ever seen that particular part of that particular animal stuffed in quite that way before. ;-) hilarious!

Beth said...

deer butt?

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