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Happy St. Patricks Day!!

For those of you who enjoy a little green on this day...and to those of you who prefer to rebel (according to history) and wear orange on this day...

The Brumbaugh Family year in review
as told by the colors green and orange...

the green sign of our first weekend away together in almost 4 years...

my perfectly calm angels;)

little goofy Leprechauns pretending to sleep on the floor

Ezra's first pumpkin

the orange still life shot...
back in the days when he stayed where you put him:)

sittin' pretty and looking at the camera!!!

some new green toys

A green blanket for Elliot's arrival

Green and Orange fun

Green Shirt and no shirt:)

one of those moments you just can't pass up!

Green Grass

Green Snake we saw at the zoo

Ain't She a Beaut in her pretty green bow and dress!
(Her mean but proud Auntie Anne set her up for this...some day she'll laugh!)

Orange and Green...
one of the many moments of laughter in our home this last year!

A lemon juice bottle...
I heard Titus telling Ezra to drink his bottle one day and this is what I found!
Titus had gotten this bottle out of the fridge and was trying to feed it to Ezra...whatever works I guess:)


akhughes said...

such fun pics and what a cute idea to post! I haven't known the date for the past 6 weeks, it's a little foggy for me. :) happy st. patty's day!

Beth said...

fun fun fun post. I LOVED it!

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