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Free-o Rio

Last Sunday, while we were on our way home from church, our windshield wipers quite working. Of course, the rain was coming down ever so steadily, so we pulled over to check the fuse box and do a few troubleshooting tips.
NOTHING... (at least we had a few donuts to snack on while we were stranded...lol)
So, Monday morning our Sedona had to go to the Dr.'s for a check up and what we thought was a fully covered outpatient operation. However, Monday evening we found out that our baby was going to have to stay overnight and that the dealership was reserving a rental car for us.
Needless to say, we were a little giddy getting to drive around a 2009 Kia Rio!

However, it made me even more thankful for my wonderful mini-van!
I know that several moms of my generation are mortified at the thought of driving around a "mom" mobile, but after dealing with car seats and getting into and out of a sedan...my feelings about loving my van were confirmed. It doesn't get much easier than my Sedona's powered sliding doors that are opened for me when I come out with 2 toddlers...and the fact that they slide open instead of open outwardly...WONDERFUL! The day we had the Rio was windy...so I had some very close run ins with parked cars next to me as I awkwardly crouched down to unbuckle my boys. My van is the perfect height...no awkward movements for me to buckle in the boys...and when I need more room, I just fold down a seat. My girl has heated seats...a sun roof...rear control air/heat...door that lock with the push of a button and open and close with the push of a button...and leather...can I just say that there is nothing better than leather when you are dealing with toddlers and their drink cups!
Although we enjoyed the spunky feel of a sedan...we all were glad to pick our girl up from the hospital in wonderful working condition.
Free ride for the night - $3.67 (for gas)
Fully Warrantied repairs - $0
Driving my fully loaded Mini-van - PRICELESS!

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