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I feel as though I have let several of my women friends down by not mentioning this resource sooner! I must explain that I assumed this book was one of those classics that everyone had already digested...and I was just slow in joining the "in" group of readers!
I do find it quite humorous hat God has cultivated such a desire in me for reading seeing as how I have hated it since I was a wee tot! My mother can attest to this fact...but God has changed my heart and it seems that these days my time is so short...but my passion to learn is so deep and pressing!
All this to say that this book is one that I read in 2005 and I have failed to mention it until now. Here is a little paragraph I found that explains the intent and message of the book:
Laying a foundation of sound doctrine, Carolyn Mahaney (wife of pastor and author C.J. Mahaney) teaches women the specifics of practical living that glorifies God. She joyfully explores home as a place to minister, to enjoy, and to manage, plus helps women cultivate their roles as wives, mothers, and mentors. Her personal anecdotes and illustrations from the lives of others add warmth and humor to this book.
May I implore each of you to become owners of this book IMMEDIATELY! it is short yet so convicting and encouraging. Several of my friends have been reading it recently and it has truly sparked some wonderful theological discussions about Titus 2 and what we as gospel-centered women should be consuming ourselves with.
For those of you older women who are willing to obey scripture and "train the young women", but are nervous about how to go about it or what to say...I challenge you to pick up a copy of this book and begin praying through how you can actively obey the commands of scripture and train the younger women to deny self and passionately fulfill the ministry God has so graciously ordained for them!
"...So that in EVEYTHING, they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior." (Titus 2:10b)


TwoMuths said...

I blush to say that I've had this on my shelf for over a year and have yet to crack the cover. this week!

Karis said...

I completely agree. If you haven't read this book, hurry to do so as quickly as possible. Last week, I started re-reading it as I remembered how much it transformed my thinking the first time through several years ago and wow! It's so good all over again.

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