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I wil apologize now for the lack of pictures for this week's posts. I am away from my wonderful MAC and am using a PC which makes everything more difficult. Please note that this is just my opinion....no one take offense.
Therefore, in order to maintain my degree of sanctification, I have chosen to forgoe the headache of adding pictures from another computer and will simple post a few quick tips for the next several days. When I arrive back to my sweet Big Mac (my 20" MAC desktop) I will promptly begin making up for lost pics! (note:...Mark has his baby MAC in tote...but he always has it open and working on some silly seminary project:):)
So Here is Freezer tip #1
Quick Freeze method
Maybe you know of this...but it has truly transformed my cooking world! This is the method used to freeze individual items that you want to place in the same container... ie. chicken nuggets, fruit, veggies, meats, burgers...etc.
Simply place the items you want individually frozen on a cookie sheet and freeze for an hour or two. Once the items are frozen individually, quickly place them in the container you want to store them in and return it to the freezer.
I used to just freeze everything in separate packages so that when I needed something I could just thaw out the package. I always hated the way my stuff stuck together...and wondered why Tyson Chicken Nuggets never stuck together...and why frozen peas could be thawed out 1/2 cup at a time!
Here is the simple solution!

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Patricia said...

Hi Anne....

I go to Engleside and Love your MOM.....I also enjoy reading your blog I get the link from the Santimaws...but anyway.....Here is a coupon for 1 free Thomas Train at ToysRUs this weekend. I hope you can use it!! or maybe post it for someone else to use.


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