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And now you know the rest of the story!

Needless to say, the sickness seemed to be a bummer, but all the extra hard work of planning and early packing was PRICELESS! I was so exhausted by Tuesday evening...but thankfully, God had given me such a strong desire to have things in order before we left Wednesday morning. I believe that had we not been ready ahead of time, we would not have been able to leave on the trip. We still had to rush around...but that was due to the issues of bathing Titus for a 3rd time...washing all the sheets and blanket he had gone through the night before...and giving his breakfast time to do its thing.
You see, when he woke up Wednesday morning...he was a chipper as ever. No sign of any sickness! He was running around and wanting to sing songs and read books. Mommy and daddy were a bit miserable, but Titus was eating and drinking fine, no sign of anything.
We think it must have just been something we ate...seeing as how we never had any fevers or any other symptoms of the flu...(side note: In the previous post I said we had the flu and I used that word due to the immediate and accurate mental pictures it conjours up. However, I don't think we had a flu...but we had the yuckiness associated with it:)

So we left Wednesday AM at 11:00 and we made it an hour and a half before our first stop. then it went downhill from there:) No one got sick...we just had some restless natives! Titus is now potty trained and needs to go potty about every hour. We even put him in a diaper...but he just looked at me like..."potty in this thing...NO WAY"! I didn't want to limit water intake due to his liquid depletion the night before...thus we were forced to "stop and smell the roses".

Travelling with little people changes the arrival time due to various reasons...but it is so worth it! I love to watch them run around at rest stops looking for bugs and playing chase with their shadows. I love having picnics with them along the way...I love to see their faces light up when we stop to go potty at a restaurant that has a slide...and I love to hear them laugh, snore, chatter, and ask if the rest stop we just pulled up to is Mamaw and Pip's house? They are so innocent and enjoy life to the fullest at this age. We used to be so driven on trips...you know the saying.."we got there in record time and only stopped once to put gas in the car..." like it was some badge of honor to beat the time of this trip over the last trip.

We arrived safely in Tennessee at 11:30 Wednesday evening. A new record for us...as the longest it has ever taken us to get to Tennessee.

However, yesterday was a good reminder that truly enjoying every situation and moment is so priceless and memorable! I will never forget how miserable I felt on the drive...but I will also never forget how precious road trips can be when I take a step back and enjoy the process. Next time, we will plan to take 13 hours and enjoy some more scenery along the way!

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Bonnie said...

I'm glad you all made it there safely. Love you all!

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