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Dunkin Donut in the house

There is a new neighbor in our hood...and its initials are DDYes indeed! And the Brumbaugh's are able to stay away for the most part...but when the Grandparents come...they whole family gets a treat.
This year for Valentine's day, Titus and Ezra both received a few dollars from their Mamaw and Pip and Grandpa Norman and Mama Lola to spend at Dunkin Donuts...and what a treat it was!
My friend Nina gave me a few coupons that expired March 1st, so we got up extra early Sunday and headed inside the donut shop for a special breakfast together. We had a blast, but I forgot my camera so I couldn't capture the moment on film. Titus' told the ladies at the counter that these donuts were from Mamaw and Pip...then he handed them his dollars...I think the whole shop noticed his excitement. His prayer was so heartfelt as he thanked God for his doughnuts and his Mamaw and Pip...in fact...we probably could have had an invitation for the whole shop after his testimony to God's provision for his special treat. Titus carried the little box into his Sunday School class and shared his leftover munchkins with his friends. His teacher was kind enough to leave 2 munchkins for the boys to enjoy...so Monday morning, they awoke to the last few morsels of their special treat. To top it all off...they got to eat their donuts while looking at some crazy white stuff they had never seen before...Snow!


Jason Stamper said...

they are adorable! thank you for pictures- 3 of them! yipee! is Titus on the phone w mom telling her about his treat? btw- i noticed j, e, and k on the fridge behind Ezra. :) i took the kids to the thrift store yesterday with their $1 from mom and dad in their pockets. they scored big time! kate got a pretty nice doll, ella got a pony that actually still makes noise when you push the button, and jonas got an awesome airplane w lights, guns, and a propellor that spins when you push the button- again, amazing that it still works! we had fun looking for the perfect things to spend our $1 on!

Bethany said...

Glad your "Munchkins" enjoyed their treats!

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