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the "ministry" of the local library?

Did you have to read that title a time or two? Yes indeed...I am dedicating this post to each and every public library represented by my readers.
3 years ago, I began to realize that books and reading were very important. yes, I read books for school all throughout my 18 year scholastic tenure...but apart from the required reading...my appreciation for these "hobbies" was slim to none!
I began by spending my lunch breaks walking through libraries seeing what all was available. Music, movies, law books, music books, craft books, books about personal beauty (hair, nails, make-up), my favorite magazines, self-help books, business books.....etc. I was like a little girl in a candy shop! I began checking out books that taught me how to do things I always thought I "just couldn't do". It was such a fun time!
I began realizing what a budget saver the library was becoming.
My world was drastically changed when I stumbled upon the vast array of audio books and music...
Then I had children and my life changed just a bit! The online library became my best friend as I was now able to search for titles of books from home...and then have them all set aside and waiting for me when I walked into the local establishment!
Yet again, my whole literary world changed one day as I stumbled upon the wonderful world of "request a book not in our catalog"
I would encourage each of you to explore your online library and begin requesting books that are recommended to you by others!
Even if you purchase the book for yourself...think of the incredible resources you are gaining for the community around you when you request the book for your public library. I can't even tell you how many books I have ordered this way...I want godly resources to pop up when people from my community are searching for books to help them... I am quite proud to share that the Virginia Beach Library system is gaining quite the collection of Christian resources on the topics of Parenting, Time Management, Marriage, Money, Women's issues, Counseling, Children's books and DVD's, Theology, as well as music and audio books!
I am interested in using the Sonlight curriculum with Titus next year...and the first thing I did was start requesting all the books through my library...talk about a major savings!!!!
So, for those of you who have money to buy books....continue to! Someday, my personal library will be added too...but in the mean time, let's remember to use the library to help those around us!
I can't wait to move and do it all over again!!!


TwoMuths said...

Anne, at our library, we can even put in a request for them to carry particular items if they are not available in our library co-op! This is great when you hear about something new coming out that you like or think would be useful - SOMEONE will choose what is going to be added - it might as well be me! :-) If I request something from my library, I'm also the first one who gets to use it!

Michael, Nina, Emma & Elliot said...

since we are walking distance to our library, we are big fans and every one knows who we are when we walk in the door :)

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