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Out with the Old in with the New!

One last look! well actually the new owners are moving in right behind us...
so she is only moving across the street!

our lovely new fully loaded lady:):) (lol)

Well we have officially gotten our new van. Praise God for His provision for our family. It has been a long process...but we are grateful for the blessing this new vehicle has and will be.
It is a 2006 Kia Sedona with only 12,800 miles on it! We love the automatic doors and rear gate...so nice to walk up with groceries and not have to fumble around to get the back end opened up! The boy's windows go up and down...and Titus loves to feel the breeze in his face! People ask me if I am enjoying riding around town with my new wheels...and my reply is the same as always...yes. I still walk anywhere I can in order to save on gas...but when I pull out the keys, it is such a nice feeling to know my vehicle will start and get the boys and I out and back without having to call for help!
The Previa was still running strong...and who knows how long she will keep on running! the odometer read 205806 when we gave her away...so I'll keep you posted on how much longer she goes. Those vans are so ugly looking...but I have yet to meet a previa owner who has complained about the longevity of that van. If she keeps up with her sibling previas...she still has 50,000+ more miles left in her!

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