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Happy Mother's Day

"Mother knows best!"(lol)

But Daddy's looks best!

I should have videoed this moment...but this picture will have to do!

So fun to see them interact even at this young age!

Mother's Day 2008
I know this is a late post, but I am finally getting around to posting some pictures and stories of the Brumbaugh family.

Mother's Day this year was such a blessing to my heart. I received some of the sweetest cards and enjoyed the whole day with my dear little family. Mark has been very absentee these last few months due to the 2 jobs and school...but May 9th he turned in his Hebrew final and so Mother's Day was HOMEWORK FREE!!! that was a true gift in and of itself.
We were able to go to church in the AM (I was lamost able to sit through the entire service...but close to the end...Ezra was calling my name;)! We then had a wonderful lunch with the Cadovius clan...and headed home for the evening. Our church cancels the evening service for Mother's day and Father's Day so that families have more time together....and this has got to be the most refreshing part of the day. Instead of rushing around trying to get 150 things done in 3 hours...moms are actually able to sit back and enjoy the afternoon...and evening with their families...no questions asked. So, my wish was to head to the beach for some hot dogs and s'mores (like last year)...but we ended up being rained out of our fabulous plan. So, the boys took naps...and Mark and I did laundry, vacuumed, put stuff in the attic, and organized some closets. When the boys woke up everything was done...and we played together and laughed lots and lots!

Well...as the pictures prove...Mama does know best (occasionally!) when we arrived home from church, I asked Mark if he thought we should cover up his lawn equipment in case we got rain. he said he thought it would be fine...but about 6:00pm the terrential rains began...and the lawn equipment needed to be covered up. Wouldn't you know we had just put my rain coat up in the attic...and the umbrellas were out in the van...so trash bags were our only resort...I had to snap a few pics of the blessed event...just to put in my memory book of Mother's Day festivities.
We ended the evening with a grocery store run together...and I mean run...because it was still pouring rain outside. Once we were in the store...it was like a ghost town...so we loaded up the boys in the carts and played chase through the entire store...laughing all the way! It was the quickest grocery store run I had had in a long time!
So all in all it may have not been a conventional Mother's Day celebration...but we did it up Brumbaugh style and made some fun memories together!

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Oh Annie
I LOVE that last pic of you and the children. You are so beautiful.
Miss you,

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