Everyday Life

The newest memeber of the Brumbaugh Lawn Care Family

So...here he is...Mr. Z-Turn Hustler himself!!!!
Ain't he a beaut? with a speed of up to 15 mph...we have high hopes for him!

His very first visitors...Michael and Matt Whitcomb

I just stood in the kitchen and laughed as they looked
at this mower and kinda talked in man lingo for a few minutes.

Until recently, I would have passed out at the thought of posting a picture of a lawn mower on my blog...but now with this new business investment endeavor...I have become a bit starry eyed at lawn mowers!
Mark bought the business and equipment from Michael...but with the knowledge that the gear could give up the ghost at any moment...so when Mark called to tell me his mower had completely passed on into junk yard afterlife...I knew the inevitable was about to happen. We had talked and prepared for this day as best we knew how...and God had graciously given us the necessary funds to make this move...but it still was a bit overwhelming for both Mark and I.

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