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6 Months!

Titus is the big 6 Months! He is getting so curious and is starting to try to crawl. He is 28.4" long and weighs 17lbs. He is into his new car seat because the law here has a height limit as well as a weight limit for the infant car seat. He is adjusting to the new seat, but will take his first road trip in it this weekend.
Time sure does fly! Our little man is such a joy and I treasure the opportunity God has given me to stay home with him. I would hate to miss all the little smiles, giggles, and adventures with Titus as he grows each day. He has recently started foods and is enjoying the new flavors and textures. He is still quite serious, but occasionally he will give out a smile..and if we are really lucky..he will giggle. He HATES to be tickled and just screams or grunts if anyone tickles him. We are guaranteed a smile everytime he sees his "Best Friend" Emma Whitcomb. Nina and I get a kick out of watching Titus and Emma together... They definitely recognize each other and if Emma sees me without Titus...she looks at me as if to say...where is your better half??
Titus is starting to communicate with us and loves talking to and watching his daddy. There is nothing better than watching Titus' expression when Mark comes home from work and Titus sees him. Talk about simple Joy! Children truly are a blessing and God is so gracious to allow us to have stewardship of Titus while he is with us on this earth. I am sure there is so much I don't know to do...but God is protecting Titus through the process of teaching Mark and me how to biblically parent. What an AWESOME adventure we are having.


The Horaks said...

Thanks for sharing the update! The pictures of Titus are so cute!

John and Pam Warden said...

Hi Mark, Annie and Titus
It's wonderful to see all these pictures of you both and your little one. What a doll!!!
Just a note to tell you that we always miss you and love you.
In Christ,
Pam <><

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