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Happy Mother's Day

Waiting for my hot dog to cook

Trying to squeeze our threesome
into a self portrait...Titus was ready to go to bed!!

Mark (and Titus) prepare my gourmet feast!

What a great day Mother's Day was. We went to church Sunday morning and then came home and ate a light lunch while baby T napped. After he woke up, we packed up the car and headed to the beach. Our church canceled the evening service so the families could enjoy the day with mom...and what a blessing the extra time was. I am not sure why more churches don't jump o that wagon, but the time we had together was so nice! It was quite brisk that evening, but we fired up our cook stove and Mark prepared some yummy hot dogs. We drank some lemonade and laughed and talked as Titus watched the waves crashing on the beach, the seagulls begging for food, and the noisy jets that flew overhead. We all cuddled under the blanket for a few minutes to warm up before heading back home...it was too cold for a walk, but we had such a sweet time together. Mark starts back into the swing of schoolwork this week...getting ready for summer school, so this little picnic was a great way to end our "summer break"! Mark also presented me with 3 Tulip plants to plant in my garden out back. They were so pretty, but the pictures of them are on the other computer. Oh well...now I must begin planning our Father's Day Celebration.


journeyer said...

What a super fun day. I love a simple trip no matter where it is. Just something to celebrate the occassion with! Thanks for all the new pix! :)

WILD GHESE said...

that's sweet!

Jessica said...

Hey, This sounds fun. I can't wait to be a mother. :-)

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