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My Aunt Becky invited my cousin Rachel and her son Aslan, my mom, and Titus and myself to go to Hilton Head with her for a week. We were there the middle of April and the weather was cool but nice. We had a great time together fellowshipping, watching movies, shopping, eating out, and being pampered with pedicures and manicures. We didn't get to do much swimming, but I did get Titus in the water. I teach swimming lessons every Saturday morning, so of course I had to get T in the water and let him explore. He did a great job and seemed to enjoy himself. I have always poured water over his face in the bath so going under the water wasn't too traumatic for him...1,2,3 blow, dunk........ it is that easy!
I was running with my cousin on Tuesday morning and got bit by a dog. I was in the emergency room for a few hours and got a few stitches...what an experience. Titus enjoyed himself and did such a great job for being awakened out of his morning nap to go sit in a boring waiting room for 2 hours with no food (kinda hard to nurse with a hand that is getting stitched!).
Aslan and Titus had a good time together. They are a little young to play by themselves, but I know they will have a good time once Titus can walk...even though he will probably be twice as tall as Aslan...but I do hope he learns his manners from Aslan. He is such a great kid and Rachel and Clint are doing a fabulous job teaching him how to obey.
Rachel and Aunt Becky had to leave Friday, so mom and I enjoyed our last evening there and then left Saturday morning. Mom picked up some food poisoning from the Hilton Head Diner, so our trip Saturday was a little slower paced, but we still made it to the Ratliff wedding. Titus was scared of my dad at first, but finally warmed up to him after a few hours. We enjoyed seeing Bonnie and the Ludtkes, but Titus and I were both ready to see Mark. What a fun trip we had...but we were glad to be back home with Mark!


WILD GHESE said...

he is getting so big! so did you plug his nose or he just understood to blow out of it.

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

Actually, I blow in his face right before submerging him. Babies usually "catch their breath" when you blow in their faces, so a quick blow and a quick submersion help teach them to hold their breath on their own.

WILD GHESE said...

you've been tagged.

read my blog.

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