Everyday Life

I am trying something new today

and it is not even the new year yet!
I admire those of you who are able to read a book and give a helpful review of the contents of the book.  I am not one of those gals!  I read a book and usually LOVE it and rave about it and ramble on and on and on about its incredibleness*smile* and can't keep myself from sharing it with everyone and then when someone asks specific questions about it...I find myself -      - speechless. (and yes, for any of my grammar teachers/friends reading this, I intentionally wrote a grammatically incorrect sentence...this time...for emPHasis)  So, instead of trying to sit and review this book...I found a way to share a snippet with you.  It's a short book with incredibly SHORT chapters designed for moms who are.in.need without the time to be.in.need!  So, please enjoy this teaser and I do hope this nugget of gold will find itself on your bookshelf no matter what season of life you are in! 
So...here ya go:  you can thank me later!

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Anonymous said...

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