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these two boys are such good friends.   When Ezra was a newborn baby, people would often ask me how close in age they were.  When I replied that they were 14 1/2 months apart, the standard response was...  My!  You are one busy lady but they are gonna be such good buddies when they get older!  

I'm so thankful the Lord has answered this momma's request for
these 2 boys to be best buds...

I love that when they sit next to each other, they like to touch.
I asked them to go sit by the fence for a picture,
and they naturally sat just like this....side touching side.  *love*

(one night while getting the boys tucked in bed, I was blessed to hear this unprompted exchange between the 2 of them)...
Titus:  Ezra, your my best friend
Ezra: (very passionately) well, I don't like it when you breathe your nasty breath on me!
*followed by giggles from mommy*

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Beth said...

I can't believe you took these pics. They're really really good. I LOVE that you're posting so much. I better try to keep up ;) Did you guys get a new camera?

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