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Soul Sisters

February 2011
Andrea Morris....I miss you and I'm so sad you move to Hawaii today:(  I wish we could sit and chat till 3 in the morning while crocheting together.  I am so excited for this new life you are carrying and I'm praying that we will meet Ender or Noa in a few months...  I know you will be busy exploring and enjoying Hawaii, but make time for pics and posts on your blog!  I also look forward to the art you produce once your creativity explodes from all the gorgeous surroundings you will take in!
You made my last few months in Virginia Beach so wonderful...and memorable.  I think of you often and decided to make a public post that I know you will read once you arrive in you new home.  Enjoy your time living in Paradise...and I hope that you get transferred to DE in 3 years!!!
*just a subtle hint*
don't you think it's time to start texting again??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE???  It's just about the only form of communication I am able to have these days.
*again, just a subtle hint!*
I smiled when I unwrapped our 'Soul Sisters' Christmas ornament from last year...a tear of joy come to my eye as I placed the ornament on my tree and thanked God for your genuine love for me and my family!

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