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Dela-where? Update

We are thrilled to report of God's sovereign provision of a home in Delaware. We had given a March 1, 2011 deadline to our landlords but were still struggling with finding housing/work. Mark has been looking for housing since December of 2009...and although the idea of owning a home in Delaware is appealing...the reality was quite unappealing. We knew God would provide exactly what was needed for the advance of His gospel and Glory in Smyrna, DE and we are pleased to report that He has provided a home for us to live in for the first year that is worth well-above our means at a cost well-below our means. We can boast only in His work for providing this home for us. May He use this home and our lives to further advance His Gospel in the communities of and near Smyrna.
Soli Deo Gloria


kellyH said...

looks like a perfect home! praise God for His provision!

Future of Hope said...

The house looks beautiful! Mary filled me in on all the details.

What a blessing to hear how God is providing for you guys.

mom and dad said...

wow!!!! who would have thought??? GOD is so good!!!! it's beautiful!!! and look @ that lawn! pretty good advertisement for a lawn care business!!! praise the LORD!!!!!!

juliechall said...

That is an awesome blessing! I'm so happy for you guys.

Joan Anne said...

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