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got your giggles on?

well if you don't....hope this little moment I was able to capture on video helps "get yo' giggle on"...it sure got mine and several other shoppers' giggles going

background: I rarely take the boys shopping with me; however, I have wanted to do a leisurely run to Target for months now...and since the prospect of that happening without kiddos looks grim, I decided to make the best of it with my favorite entourage. I was SO relieved when I drove up and the cart with the kiddo seats in front was available...b/c there is nothing more cool than a mom on her "leisurely" run to target trying to maneuver 2 shopping carts around all while keeping 3 BORED kiddos occupied! We had a great time giggling and rushing through this "leisurely" trip, but I got a little side tracked looking at some dishes. As my mind was racing/dreaming away, Titus started telling me that Ezra was wanting his bunk bed. Mind you, this statement was probably said 20 times before my mommy brain stopped ignoring the chatter and picked up the phrase he was saying over and over again....so I corrected him and said no, Ezra doesn't want his bunk bed he wants another cracker...(I'm still looking down at this point). However, Titus just giggled and said no mommy, he wants his bunk bed...and then it clicked! Is he sleeping? I asked through the giggles as I turned on the camera. yes, mommy and its funny....I must agree with Titus, it is pretty funny!

Take 2 - after several attempts to wake him up so that I could push the behemoth cart to the register......this is what happened (please note that he is buckled in...I'm not that mean!)

Needless to say, I could not get him to wake up and I had to maneuver this cart through the store with one hand pushing and steering this cart and one hand holding Ezra's head up. After I got to the checkout...I had to hit the metal on the conveyor belt loudly (with permission from the cashier) in order to get this sleepy shopper to wake up so I could empty the cart and pay.
So I guess I don't need to inform anyone of just how soundly this kiddo sleeps!!
All in all...I had a fabulous "leisurely" shopping trip that I will remember for years and years to come!

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Bonnie said...

HI.LAR.I.OUS. It makes me laugh as hard today as it did earlier in the week!

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